It is when I went to China.

It is when I went to China. I do not know whether it will fall into the definition of ""delicious things"", but I got Oolong tea so delicious and more like Japanese tea ceremony. Although oolong tea is common in Japan, it is not unusual, but I thought that drinking methods like so-called Japanese tea, which put tea leaves in things like teapot and pour hot water, are also taken in China . But it seems to be quite different. It seems basic to taste the scent. Teaware is also like Japanese drinking. To put in tea, it is like a cup of futsuki, which is quite different from Japanese teapot. For how to put, put tea leaves in a lid container, steam a few minutes with hot water. And I throw out the first one. Do not pour anything next, transfer it to a container with a slightly larger milk saucer, and then transfer it to the teaware. Next, cover it with a dish-like thing so as to make a small tea ceremony deep, and put it out to customers. So, you are going to give customers to Japan with a state of upside down. If you take a drink, pick it up in your hands and slowly lift the container with a swallowed shape, the tea will naturally move to the container that was wide lid. I will have the tea that has finished its transfer, but before that I take a container with a swallowtail to my nose and enjoy the scent. And lastly I will have a cup of tea. It was delicious, but it may be better to enjoy the Chinese tradition. However, this is the one that I had tasted in the south of China, China is wide, so there may be various methods of operation. In the case of